Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Witty Registration Plates

Some interesting car number plates that I came across recently

Ericsson 5G


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Big School

You would think that one thing a school, that is in the nascent stage of its life cycle, in this new global economy, that survives on how many students enroll for its course, would want to have a strong School principal and staff of teachers!

But what if there is "One Big School" that feels that anyone can perform the duties of the School Principal - even a Secretary to the founder of the school!!

What if it would make its students put in black and white that study for at least six months or pay up INR 75,000 just to attend a course that is being taken by the teacher for just INR 10,000 per person! The icing one the cake would be a 2 year, INR 200,000 contract not to leave the school before you enroll yourself... but what if you pass out?

Dude, Thank God I don't study in this school!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The heart of Incredible India!!

Til dekho, Taad dekho,
Marble ka pahad dekho, Aankhen ohad ohad dekho,
Sher ki dahad dekho!

Chanderi ki shaadi dekho, Bandhavgarh ki jhaadi dekho,
Mandu ka mahal dekho, Jungle ki hulchul dekho,
Cheetal dekho, GAur dekho, Barashingha aur Mor dekho,
Shivpuri ki Chhatri dekho, Chaandi ki rail patri dekho!

Ujjain ke sant dekho, Baudhik mahant dekho,
Orchha mein bhulo bhatko, phir Sanchi mein khud ko dhundho,
Geeta aur kuran dekho, Indore ki shaan dekho,
Kaise banta paan dekho!

Ta thaiya ta nana,
Khajuraho shilpkari dekho, Bhimbetka kalkari dekho,
Sacche prem pujari dekho,
Ankhen meechey meechey dekho, Ankhen phaad phaad dekho!

Satpura ki rani dekho, Bhopal rajdhani dekho,
Rajdhani mein jheel dekho, banta paani Jhil-Mil dekho,
Dharmon ki mehfil dekho, Hindustan ka dil dekho!!!

Courstey - Madhya Pradesh Tourism!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Prince catches India's fancy

India has its very own Prince!!!

Last weekend a 6 year old known as Prince gave news channels enough material to form a very own soap opera.

50 hours rescue operation brought together the entire nation including a fire brigade team from Mumbai (don't ask me why). The 50 hours in the 18 meters bore well paid off for the lil prince with Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda announcing Rs. 200,000 for the kid and the money has been pouring in.

A lunch table discussion a few days back ended up in indentifying other potential revenue streams for the boy. In this media crazy world it wouldn't be surprising if marketing agencies try and cash in on the event. Here are a few probable advertisements that can be made

India Army - We save lives!! Do you have it in you?

Airtel - I love you bona hai Rs. 10, Prince ko papa ko hello bona hai to bus Rs. 5 ka recharge.

hutch - (Just kick in Pug) Wherever you go, our network follows!!

Amul - (Supposedly Prince was given some milk, bread and butter) The taste of India - don't matter where you are!

Siyarams - (after the success of the rescue operation) Coming home to Siyarams!

You could go on and on and on. But the fact is that with over 1,400 manhole/pit related deaths in 2003 will anything be done about the country's ditches and pits that lie uncovered and unattended waiting for its own royal occupant.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Overworked.. Underpaid

that pretty much summarizes my worklife as of now... found a weekend after a loooong time to relax at home... looking at the rate in which people are switching jobs, or sud i say joinign CTS, lets c what life has in store.

Personal front - Found out a couple of weeks back that our song, Diet Smoke's song, "Far from home"'s mp3 is doing the rounds and people are liking it.... the song, for some, defined us in more ways than one at IIM Indore.

Books - Reading 'Shantaraman' currently.. amazingly gripping book!
read Scott Adam's "Gods Debris"... real mind twisting book...

....and i dont know if its a coincidence or watever but the last two books, both the books when they talk about the universe, God, the purpose of life and of existence of people have the same theroy.... but the concept actually makes you THINK! are we actually moving towards being the universal being, are we all realy debris of the ultimate complexity??!?!?!!?

Movies - saw a few movies - Munich, 36 China Town, Ice Age 2, and yeh how can i forget, Gangster!!!! all of them nice movies... except for the obvious one on the list.... i know there are people who will not agree with me and will swear by Gangster as if it were their own home production but hey guys mans entitled to his choice, aint he?

well that was one hectic post.....


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life at the front

Ever wonder what it must have been like for the people in the infantry division in armies in the old days?

"Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do and die!"

Walk when you are told to, stop when you hear the command and then just go and stand in the front to get killed till the big guys on the horses think its wise to pull off or send in the real cavalry.

What would it have been like to be in the infantry. One second you standing with your friends, brothers-in-arms and the next thing you know is they are down and buried and all of a sudden you the only one standing, in open view and all of a sudden in the front line.

Ever had that feeling??

Anyways, am really happy for my brothers-in-arms who laid down their lives last week for the greater good of the society. But that does put me in the front row seat. :o)

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Its been long since I posted anyting... call it lack of time or jus plain lazy me....

well here are a few things worth mentioning

- Went to Golden Temple, Amritsar. Its simply beautiful!

- Finally visited the Wagah Border. It should me a must for every Indian once in their life. The emotionally patriotic feeling that I got for that 30 minutes was just amazing. Makes you realise what it is to belong to a Country.

- Saw Rang De Basanti. (A lot has been said about the movie in the blogging world so will leave it at that)

- Appraisal season going on at my place of work. Made me realise that all those things they tought us in HR and OB are the ones that are really important. Only if some people at my office had studied them at a decent institute. (Will leave it at that also. Dont wanna get started on that)

- Going home for Holi - Something to look forward to.

- Hope to post more stuff soon.